What Some Kind People Said

Are you one of those people who think, “Sure, this Tooty Nolan guy’s stuff is alright in small doses, but I’m not sure that it can stretch to a complete book”? If so, check out what some brave souls have said. No names mentioned to avoid embarrassment…

‘My sons have been right there each time I read his work aloud – they think he is awesome and we all think that anthropomorphizing hamsters is truly brilliant.’

‘I’ve read 3 of Tooty’s hamster books so far … and am halfway through a 4th … with a 5th to be read right afterwards. They are great, original, funny, and very good reads. I hope more people catch the Hamster Fever … because Tooty is a great talent and I’m very glad that I found him and his crazy books.’

‘I love Tooty’s work. Tooty is an amazing person, an amazing writer and his stories are VERY, VERY good.’

‘Tooty~Thank you. I just happen to be in Hawaii right now reading your book Captive Echo. And I’m captivated.’

‘You do description very well, I like how you described the plight of the people on the farm and then at the end of the excerpt brought me back to the lead-in about the recruitment drive, I had forgotten about it. Very smooth, actually.’

‘Time after time, people write to me and say, “Edie, where I can I go to find spectacularly written stories about hamsters?”  Okay, nobody has ever actually asked me that, but if they did, I would have to tell them:  Tooty Nolan.”

‘Good read, it really kept me intrigued.’

You are very funny, you made me laugh, when I was a bit sad.

The Fringe should be treated to readings of this stuff…

And finally…

This acclaimed book by Paul Trevor Nolan is available at eBookMall.com in several formats for your eReader

There – told ya I was a literary genius!

tooty climbs

And look – I can stand on steep ascents, without falling over, too!