Tooty’s Books Available Here!

For those readers who use a phone or tablet to read this blog, and who are unable to access the sidebar (and all the information it contains), this is the place to visit the better-known e-book stockists of Tooty Nolan, Paul Trevor Nolan, and Clive Thunderbolt (all me) e-books.

Tooty Nolan books; those being the Hamster-Sapiens novels and Junior Earplug Adventure photo-novels are available in multi-formats at (publishers) and iBookstore (iTunes), Amazon, Barnes & Noble – as well as various lesser-known or non-English speaking outlets.

The same can be said of the Paul Trevor Nolan ‘Silent’ books…

Lulu, Amazon, B&N.

…which also come in paperback form at Lulu.

And, of course, the Clive Thunderbolt ‘Causality Merchant‘ books…

Lulu, Amazon, B&N
…which also also come in paperback form.

So there you have it. Some of them are free too! Good, eh?