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Photography: Winter or Spring?

Question: Which season paints the prettier picture – Winter or Spring?

Well I guess the answer to that depends on which picture was taken during the Winter months; and which was shot in Spring? Yep, you’re right; the vagaries of English weather have turned the seasons inside out. The picture directly above originates in January: the one above it in March. So, I imagine, any preference comes down to whether you like sunshine or snow. Me – I can’t choose between them.  

Wallpaper 447: Late to Bed

I was up early enough to catch this little guy making his way home. I had to use all of my 50X zoom lens to ‘see’ through all the dead wood and bushes to get this; but as I did so, I realised that this was the first daytime badger I had ever seen in my sixty-one years on this planet. I’ll have to get up early more often.