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Wallpapers 578 & 579: More Truthful Autumn & Light Relief

Autumn is a glorious season in the northern hemisphere – foliage full of browns, golds, reds, etc. And brilliant sunshine too, of course. Well actually that’s not always true. In fact, in some years, it’s more than a little rare. So after snapping away during the fair weather, I thought I’d put on my mack and disport in soggier climes. This is the more truthful Autumn…

But when the sun does shine…

…it is a joy to hold a camera.

Photography: Winter or Spring?

Question: Which season paints the prettier picture – Winter or Spring?

Well I guess the answer to that depends on which picture was taken during the Winter months; and which was shot in Spring? Yep, you’re right; the vagaries of English weather have turned the seasons inside out. The picture directly above originates in January: the one above it in March. So, I imagine, any preference comes down to whether you like sunshine or snow. Me – I can’t choose between them.  

Photography: One Year In One Spot

When I moved into the village that I now call home (again) I quickly went about the place catching up after 30+ years away. One particular piccie was so nice that I returned once a month to the same spot thereafter for one year to record the changing seasons. I’ve not included every month in this post because that would be stunningly boring (and somehow one month managed to get deleted), but here’s the best ones…








Do you have a favourite?