Origins 12: More Silly Captions!


Origins 6

With that writing stuff out-of-the-way, let’s get back to the silly captions…

As a footnote, that last caption was inspired by a real-life episode of mine. I’d returned, with my family, from overseas and wanted to furnish an entire 3-bedroom house. The salesman’s eyes lit up at the prospect and were not seen to dim one iota when I stressed the need for speed. Our house was empty and, that very night, neither of we foursome had anything to sit upon, sleep in, or store our clothes. As you can assume from the caption above; after the financial reckoning following a huge listing all of our needs, the salesman offered to deliver the goods in EIGHT WEEKS TIME. I told him to shove it up his arse and promised to never use his store again. I was so pleased, some months later, when I heard the news that the company had folded.