Look: Nook: Fook!

Were you to visit the Barnes & Noble site, from which you can purchase e-books for your wonderful Nook device, you would discover that these books now appear there…

So what the hell are you waiting for!


Re-Blog: Preparing to Dash Through a Forest of Triffids

I first posted this a handful of years past. Having discovered it among the older files, here it is again…

Thank you, John Wyndham, for the inspiration.


Had I not read the works of the aforementioned, I would never have written Silent Apocalypse.

Annotation: Strange that, at the time, I didn’t add the cover photo. Not feeling particularly mercenary, I guess. Maybe I’d sold a couple of copies that week. Well I don’t have that luxury now: let’s put that right!

And just for good measure…the sequel!

Big Problem with Latest Earplug Adventures!

I was rather hoping that the Time Tamperer e-books would be published by now; but (if I understand the forums correctly) it appears that the publishers, Lulu.com, have huge problems with the software that converts Word documents into EPUB – the format required for e-readers. The glitch seems to have first appeared in October 2018; and despite their best efforts, continues to reject manuscripts in a random manner. I’ve gone through the manuscripts of Vol 1 and Vol 2 with a fine-toothed comb and can find no errors my end – but still the converter refuses to convert Vol 1 – showing an ‘unknown error’ each time I try. In the short term I plan to publish in PDF form, so that my adoring fans can still get their mitts on a readable copy for their laptop or whatever – even if it isn’t any good for e-readers. Hopefully Lulu can get their problems sorted and before long these lovely e-tomes will appear in all their glory…

Coming Soon – to an E-Book Supplier Near You!

Once again the latest story is simply too big for one e-book. So, as a result, the multi-megabyte tale will be published in two volumes. And this is what they will probably look like – assuming that they get past the publishers standards, that is…

Utterly charming, I think you’ll agree. So watch out for more news on the subject.

P.S If you think either cover closely resembles a pile of excrement, please say so in the comment box: I’d hate to produce a shitty book.

Let’s Go Kobo

Checking out the availability of these, my latest, releases…

…I discovered Indigo, selling Kobo versions. So, if you own a Kobo Reader, you now know where to go. But, I feel certain, Indigo needn’t be your only port of call. If needs be, go explore the Internet.

And don’t forget it’s also at Barnes & Noble. and for your Kindle at Amazon! So get on over there and take a look. Why not give your funny bone a treat! 

New Release; With a Touch of the Hypothetical

Were you, by chance, to visit the iBookstore, you would discover that these two e-books have appeared there…

And were you the owner of an Apple product, upon which e-books can be easily read, I would urge you to visit. The world is full of wonders and although these books aren’t two of them, they are quite nice. And if you were to read them in public places, people might notice and begin to doubt the fullness of their lives. This, in turn, might cause them to investigate the Earplug Adventures – rendering them instant Earpluggers. How good would that be!