Portrait Gallery 98: Glad Morning



Junior Earplug Adventures: The Museum Out of Time (Part Two)

As she stood before a viewing window in the chronologically maladjusted Museum of Future Technology…

…its accidental discoverer (and therefore sole curator) Buttox Barkingwell, came to a difficult decision. Although, during the eighteen months that she had been living in the vast edifice, she had visited almost every region and facet of the remarkable facility, which (had it been the chronologically correctly adjusted – and therefore the real – Museum of Future Technology) housed various artefacts from eras throughout future history; there were, she recognised, several areas that required extensive work carried out upon them, particularly  if she wanted to open her ‘home’ to the public. In short, she realised, she would have to conduct an inspection of the structure and its contents and then plan a regime of repair works and reformation. To this end she went in search of her two co-habitants – the former Lemon Stone monastery monks, Zak Bravado and Bolah Googly…

After blowing her Compadre Come Hither whistle several times she was thrilled to meet Zak and Bolah again after three weeks apart, following an explosive argument about the merits of soggy corn flakes and their place in an advanced and civilised society…

As they hugged, old enmity evaporated. “What do you need, Buttox?” Zak offered.

“You just have to speak – and your word is our command.” Bolah added.

Buttox told them of her plans.

“Great.” Zak exclaimed. “Something worthwhile to do. I must admit that I was growing increasingly bored here.”

“That’s right.” Bolah supported his co-ex-monk admirably. “We almost considered going back to the monastery and taking up our old jobs again.”

For a moment Buttox stood speechless. Instead of talking, she cast her mind back to the time when her two chums were professional wind-breakers…

…for the Father Superior – Frank Corset…

But she quickly got over her surprise. “Oh goodie.” She said. “Follow me: we’re gonna go inspect the building.”

Naturally Zak and Bolah were only too pleased to assist and duly slipped into line behind her.

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2018