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A Tale of Three Museums (part 48)

Following a mad dash down a spiral staircase, Folie, Placebo and Princess Cake arrived upon Concourse One in time to…

…be greeted by the scientific elite and the Skail Brothers.

Naturally, in the unbounded joy of reunion with their ruler, the other-worlders completely forgot the two terrestrials…

But as they welcomed her back into the fold, Dennis Tawdry couldn’t help but notice something out of place:

“Oh-no, tell me it isn’t true.” He wailed quietly. “Is that the royal arse I see on display?”

Dido Warblington hushed him surreptitiously – before adding, in a whisper: “Pretend you saw nothing. If anyone asks, you know nothing about those rather fetching dimples.”

Then, having done her duty, Cake turned to her saviours…

By way of thanks, she said: “Is there anything I can give you as reward for your brave, heroic action?”

“Well,” Folie said – having considered his response for half a heartbeat, “you could always pause to tie your shoe as you walk away.”

“Cheeky.” Cake said with a smile. “I think that might be a step too far. But, if it helps your future careers any, I can make a royal decree. I hereby award you my world’s greatest honour and I dub thee Sir Folie Krimp and Sir Placebo Bison.”

“Thanks very much.” They replied in unison. “We like you too.”

And so, Princess Cake re-joined with her subjects, and moved gracefully away…

…to be replaced with Richter and Beaufort.

“We did as you said.” Richter said eagerly.

“You did?” Folie responded to the earplug who so closely resembled himself – except for the larger eyes, of course. “What was that?”

“To look down the back of the filing cabinet in the engineering office.” Beaufort replied upon his brother’s behalf.

“Yes.” Richter took up the mantle once more. “We discovered the manuscript for an owners-manual. It had everything we needed to complete our work on the city-ship.”

“Apparently,” Beaufort butted in, “the starter motor has a sticky solenoid. But a kettle of boiling water and a thump with a length of timber soon sorted that out. We’re ready to leave – just as soon as you get to a safe distance – which is half way across the desert outside.”

“Oh – right then.” Placebo replied. “We’d better be on our way then. And you too, I guess.”

With that they bid their final farewells, and the brothers made haste after the royal party…

Folie and Placebo watched them go…

“Great guys, don’t you think, Sir Folie?” Placebo opined.

“Great guys, Sir Placebo.” Folie agreed. “The best. Now we’d better get a move on: this place will be blown to smithereens by their take off blast.  Where’s the door to the outside world?”

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2020

Forgotten Heroes 1

The Junior Earplug Adventures never fails to remind us of the heroism of the Earplug Brothers; but in past tales others have ‘done their bit’ for the greater good too. In Forgotten Heroes 1 I’d like to remind you of two such silicon life-forms – the first being Nature Beast…

…who tried very, very hard to be heroic, but sadly was totally crap at it. And the other is the time-shifting Gobby…

Here he fails to apprehend (or even notice) the recalcitrant (public enemies numbers one, two, and three)Eco-Warriors. But, on this occasion, he did have a good excuse: he was going to get his underpants cleaned. He did eventually manage something pretty dramatic though. He saved an entire buggy race entry from certain death (following a meteor strike) by moving them back in time. But, of course, no one remembered it – not even Gobby – because time travel does that.