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Wallpaper 556: Juxtaposition: Opposites Attract

In this photo the owners have very kindly parked their vehicles in a most aesthetically pleasing manner. The green Mazda is parked as it always is – nose in beside a complimentary-green bush. The red Hyundai owner has wisely reversed the car in beside the Mazda. This, in itself is nothing remarkable. What is, is the fact that the colours are opposites, and should not appear pleasant to eye. Indeed, had it been a dull, grey day, this would have been a photographic faux pas. But the sun is shining, and both cars are clean. Together they look delightful.  

Dig the Pictures, Huh?

Are you one of those discerning types who actually like my photographs? If so, might I suggest that you visit my Flickr page. It’s really rather nice. Do what (to date) over 270,000 other discerning types have done. Yeah, I couldn’t believe that stat when I read it either. I had to get a colleague to check that I hadn’t gone mad. Oh, if only I could get those sort of numbers for my works of fiction!