All the Earplug Adventures Free in PDF Format!

Because my e-book publishers,, screwed up royally and almightily (and in the process pissed me off beyond endurance) I pulled all of the Earplug Adventures from sale. But, being aware that there are some enlightened ‘Earpluggers’ out there, (who would rather like to read silly stories when they bloody well want to, at a time of their choice) I have chosen to offer the tales up in PDF form so that those aforementioned ‘Earpluggers’ can download or simply open them in browser, and read them upon their personal device. And so here they are. Now normally I’d suggest that you start with Book One (or The First in the Series, as I’ve chosen to call it) and proceed at your own pace through all forty volumes: but the first few were kind’a shit: I was finding my way – not really knowing what the heck I was doing, you must understand. But they do make good curios: maybe fun to look back on after you’ve read the later, better stuff. But whatever; this is what they look like. They can be found on the sidebar to the left of your screen. Scroll down and take your pick by clicking on the cover photo…

Featuring wondrous writings and phabulous photos. It's probably quite nice if you're feeling a bit down. WARNING: RUDE WORDS AND BUTTOCKS: SOME CONTENT IS UNSUITABLE FOR CHILDREN!

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