‘About’ the Author

 Tooty Nolan was born long ago in a place not more than five hundred metres from where he typed this ‘about’ page. In between times he lived in all sorts of places, one of which was very sunny and hot. The rest was in England, which is seldom sunny and hot; but dank and a bit chilly – not that he’s complaining, you understand. After a few years passed by he looked like this…


And he’s been a bit unbalanced ever since, coz much later he looked like this…


Armed and extremely sartorially challenged.

Later still this happened…

big hair toots closer_edited

But he began to calm down a little after that nadir point…

mr clean_edited

But then it all went horribly wrong again…

centre parting 81 cropped

But fortunately a good woman sorted him out, and he became one of the Bee Gees…

beegees toots

 But time moved on…

hairy dad syndrome

…and the hair grew longer and he produced a couple of offspring.

But all good things must pass…

tooty in madrid

…and a degree of maturity set in. Or did it?


No, not really. But he never grew fat.

no shirt nolan enhanced close up_edited

Well not very fat. Just a bit ’round the middle perhaps.

Soon, though, age would rear its ugly visage…

toots sups

…and he would spend his time doing stuff that made him weak in the head and limp of limb. Like…

My beautiful picture

But ultimately he overcame these terrible handicaps to become…

walkies in wood

…a countryman and photographer, and the…

pretentious hat

…wearer of pretentious hats and…

a bit close

…spectacles. Yes – he became a…


…lithe, handsome, beach bum! Oops, sorry – wrong picture. He became a…

monochrome tooty

…fantasy and science-fiction writer who wrote stuff like this…

Silent Resistance final cover

Isn’t that bloody wonderful? And now you’re on his website. Lucky you! Now visit his publishers, Lulu.com to see his wondrous e-books: I command thee!

4 thoughts on “‘About’ the Author”

  1. Hahahah! Wonderful intro Paul, unlike any other ☺ you’re so engaging. Chuffed to find you. Many thanks for visiting my blog, I’m delighted. Looking forward to following your adventures here. Be well, jules

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