Earplug Adventures Wallpaper: Eject With Alacrity!

The ancient alien lifeboat flees the Drunkard’s Vomit with only seconds to spare before the auto-destruct sequence begins. From Climatic Calamity. Fascinating factoid: Apart from the fact that both vessels are made from products found in Tooty’s bathroom – yes that distant airless planetoid really is a chocolate covered digestive biscuit…from the Waitrose Essential range. Tooty doesn’t use just any old chocolate covered digestive you know!

Earplug Adventures © Paul Trevor Nolan


3 thoughts on “Earplug Adventures Wallpaper: Eject With Alacrity!”

    1. You’ve just given me a thought: I wonder if Tom Cruise would care to do the audiobook version of an Earplug Adventure. It would certainly boost their popularity.

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