Wallpaper 646: Ominous Sky

When you’re fifty miles from home and your transportation is a light-weight street scrambler, this is not a welcome sign…


8 thoughts on “Wallpaper 646: Ominous Sky”

  1. Blimey! .What made you go fifty miles in that weather?..Did you wake up one morning and thought “today I am going on a long bike run”.

    1. Although I ended up enjoying it, it wasn’t a journey of choice. The Caballero needed a service, and the only Fantic dealer reasonably nearby was in Sussex. I was blessed by good weather – there and back – despite the threatening sky. Not bad for January in England.

      1. To an extent! They say it will help, but it’s not enough to end the drought because most of the water couldn’t be captured. I’ve read they’re making plans to improve water capture for the next set of floods, but … 🤷

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