Goodbye ‘Standing in Clover’

I suspected as much, when I first began my countryside photo-blog, that it wouldn’t last long. What has surprised me though, is the reason for it’s demise. Okay, it didn’t attract many views, which is probably quite a good excuse for calling it a day: but it wasn’t that which made me quit. It was the difficulty in choosing which pictures to include on the blog. There was only so much room in the memory – one gigabyte – and just so many pictures to select from. Simply put, I have too many photos in my library: whichever one I choose, I then think I could have chosen a better one. It’s maddening. I wasn’t enjoying it. And then when the ‘faves’ stopped…well it was all the excuse I needed. The blog is toast.  Perhaps if there were two of me it might have been easier…


3 thoughts on “Goodbye ‘Standing in Clover’”

    1. Ideedy. It was inevitable. Should have stayed with Flickr perhaps? Trouble with that is it’s so impersonal. Lots of hits: sometimes lots of likes; but detached somehow. Much prefer WordPress – even though every attempt to add to this blog fails miserably.

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