Third Christmas as a Trio

Christmas 2022 was the third Winter holiday that my children spent without their mother, and I endured without the most precious thing in the world to me. For the first time since she became too ill to sit at the dining table, we three survivors ate together. In an effort to disguise the silence, I turned on the TV.  It helped, but we were glad when the meal ended, and all agreed to dispense with the usual Chistmas pudding: it could wait until later. It hasn’t been a bad Christmas: merely another empty one.

On a more positive note: I was prodded in the buttocks this morning by an invisible hand. Obviously someone thought that nine o’clock was rather late in the morning for me to still be in bed. I like days starting like that: I may appear to be alone sometimes, but I’m not really. I think of her every day: but some days she makes sure I don’t forget to. That’s okay with me. VERY okay.


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