Tooty’s Tapas Cakes – New and Improved

The first bunch of tapas cakes were fine, but they weren’t so scrummy that Tooty the Chef found that the cake tin had suspiciously emptied itself whilst his back was turned. Obviously, for such a gifted wielder of the ladle and other kitchen paraphernalia, this simply wasn’t good enough. So he set himself to the task again…

This time he substituted the soft brown sugar with white sugar and artificial sucrose.

The sugar / egg combo was then beaten for twice as long. Then after adding the cake mix…

…he beat that for twice as long too. Tooty doesn’t do things in half measures, you know! Now any regular cook would have been content to carry on as before; but not Tooty the Chef. No, he peeled, chopped. and stewed two apples (that he found laying at the side of the road in a shopping bag), and added them to the mix…

The result, after careful and attentive baking, looked precisely like this…

And after he’d done his top and tailing with the fondant icing between the layers, the result appeared rather more visually pleasing that the original effort…

Better still, they disappeared with alarming alacrity. Definitely a success – even by Tooty the Chef’s bullshit standards!




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