Flip Me Over and Transport Me to Spain!

Anyone who frequents the excellent road system of Spain will immediately recognise this as one of those light industrial / retail areas that are found on the outskirts of most medium-sized Spanish towns…

Only they’d be completely wrong. Having taken a wrong turning in the sweltering summer-sun-drenched English coastal city of Portsmouth, I thought I’d shifted into another reality in which I still lived in Spain. Only the fact that I was driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road brought me to my senses. This is how it actually looked…

Yes, I flipped the picture. Boo, I really love driving in Spain: I feel so relaxed there!

5 thoughts on “Flip Me Over and Transport Me to Spain!”

    1. I remember how much easier it is to live in England – especially with communication. But until she died in 2020, my wife and I would visit Spain four times a year – in each of the seasons, so it was like we were still living there. Food in the cupboards. Clothes in the warddrobe. TV remotes where we’d last left them. And the locals would recognise us and wave and say Hola. We had the best of both worlds. I miss that. But I wouldn’t want to give up my rural existence. So I’m grateful for what I have.

  1. Yes it must be very difficult to give up the things you enjoyed so much,but you got all the lovely memories.You were lucky to get back to your roots.

    1. You chose the right word – lucky. I’d like to take some credit for the fab things that happened to me: but, in the end, I think it’s down to luck – or my Guardian Angel. He’s a good ‘un.

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