Don’t Say ‘Yes’ When You Should Say ‘No’.

My dentist speaks quietly, with a German accent, through a face mask and a plastic visor. I have to guess what she is saying. When she asked, “is it numb yet?” I said “Yes”, when I should have said “No.” I only recognised my error when she began drilling. But I quickly decided to ‘man-up’ and pretended that all was well. Clearly I am a better actor than I thought. Or maybe I’m hard as nails. Or even more ‘maybe’, maybe she didn’t give a shit, and drilled away merrily anyway. Worst case scenario: she’s a sadist.

This picture is entirely unrelated: I just like it.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Say ‘Yes’ When You Should Say ‘No’.”

  1. I remember years ago I was having a cyst thing taken out of my leg and partway through the procedure the local anesthetic started wearing off. I must have grimaced a little because the doctor asked me if I needed another shot of anesthetic. I told him no, it was fine, and he was like, “You don’t get a prize for not taking another shot.” So I got the extra shot of anesthetic … 😁

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