I Know it’s Hard to Believe, But…

…apparently some people think that the Earplugs don’t really exist. When he heard, poor Tooty was appalled. So he allowed this ‘on-set’ photo off-set, so to speak.  Here he discusses continuity with the Continuity girl, Mavis Lunn…

Tooty: “So it’s Ginger with the cell phone? Shoot, I thought it was Bunty.”

Mavis: “No, Mister Nolan; it’s Bunty who habitually looks up at the ceiling: Ginger has the cell phone. I have it all down here on my clip board.”

Ginger: “Yeah  – dumb ass. Goddamned thing weighs a ton. No one never heard of polystyrene?”

2 thoughts on “I Know it’s Hard to Believe, But…”

    1. That’s right. Eventually everyone will believe. Author, L Ron Hubbard once said ( I believe) that the only way to get rich is to create a religion. He founded Scientology. I’m hoping for Earplugism to take its place. If I can just get Tom Cruise on board…

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