Spend Spend Spend – A Hell of a Lot More!

The previous owner of my beautiful Yamaha…

…didn’t use it very much. In fact, in the whole year before I bought it, the bike only travelled twelve miles. Two miles to the dealership: four miles to the testing station; four miles back to the dealership; and two miles home.

“Well,” thought I, “low milage equates to good condition, right?”

Not necessarilly, it seems. Unused, the tyres have hardened (and continue to harden) to the consistency of plastic – requiring immediate replacement. The oil seals on the clutch slave cylinder have followed suit. And the wrong engine oil (his – not mine: I replaced it immediately, but it was too late) has contaminated the clutch plates – leading to slippage at high revs. Result? Set of tyres, slave cylinder replacement, and new clutch. Pain. Booked into the shop – awaiting a slot. Guess I’ll have to get my fun in my other toy…

Come to think about it…I’ve spent rather a lot on that recently too. Perhaps I should take up knitting.

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