Earplug Adventures: Triple Threat (part 15)

Chapter 4

Meanwhile the picture show continued. All four visiting Earplug Brother ‘Oohed and Aahed’ at the scene that showed Magnuss and Hair-Trigger once  more donning their bubble suits; disembarking from the Tankerville Norris; and exploring a space derelict…

“Jeepers,” Chester exclaimed, now that he’d recovered from the shock of the passing freighter, “that was very daring.”

“Daring is what Magnuss and Hair-Trigger do.” His twin reminded him. Then Miles turned to Magnuss and said, “Did anything untoward happen?”

To which Hair-Trigger responded: “Only being pursued by Hyper-Space Pirates, who were using the derelict to hide their booty.”

“How did you get away?” Chester asked.

“Oh, you know; the usual way.” Magnuss replied.

Tankerville Norris came to the rescue, huh?” Valentine volunteered.

“Volley of proton torpedoes at point-blank range?” Rudi added.

Hair-Trigger nodded sadly. “Hmmm,” she said quietly, “such a tragic loss.”

“I didn’t think you cared for Hyper-Space Pirates.” A surprised Chester blurted.

“Oh I don’t.” the sole female present replied. “But the resulting explosion was so big that it tore the derelict apart – with us inside it.”

“Yes,” Magnuss added with a stern expression, “it was really scary – and when we got back to the Tankerville Norris, Hair-Trigger had to eject her space cacks from the airlock. Worse still, she only had one spare pair in her knicker drawer. Until she could get some more, we were forced to cancel any more space walks!”

Talking of space – at that precise moment the submarine space freighter had accelerated to within a few kilometres of one of Saturn’s moons…

Of course, neither of the girls could recognise which moon it was. In fact, they didn’t even know that they’d left the orbit of Earth: they had more pressing matters requiring their attention. Matters such as ‘life-support’. Somewhat sensibly, they went in search of a larder, or somewhere that might contain food and drink. In doing so, they found three robots that appeared so engrossed in their duties that they didn’t notice the intrusion of three silicon life forms…

Initially the girls felt tempted to back out before the robots became aware of them. But, as the freighter swooped close to the moon, for whatever reason freighters swoop close to moons…

…Daisy’s desperation brought forth boldness that Ginger and Bunty had never imagined existed within their tiny pink chum. She shouted…

…”Oi, I’m hungry and thirsty: where’s some bloody grub and cola?”

It could have been the worst decision of the young earplug’s life – after all, she knew nothing about robots: they could have been the kind that were more than happy to convert her mass into material for the propulsion system. So, as the ship entered hyperspace for the first time…

…and began its journey proper, those three members of the crew not only guided them safely to the Passenger Galley, but also showed them the vessel’s sole lavatory…

…which brought great relief for Daisy, but did little for Bunty and Ginger’s olfactory senses.

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2022

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