Gnashed Teeth: A Little Respect Would Be Appreciated

Recently the relevant authority erected a sign at the entrance to the village that I call home. It designates the furthest point west of the South Downs National Park…

I don’t know why, but for some naive reason I formed the idea in my stupid head that people might treat the area with a little more reverence than they do the surrounding towns. Ten paces into the park I discovered this…

Stella Artois: stronger than average: the chosen beer of British yobs: almost certainly tossed from the passenger window of a lowered VW Golf with a loud exhaust: it wasn’t alone: I should have known better.

2 thoughts on “Gnashed Teeth: A Little Respect Would Be Appreciated”

  1. The people of today just don’t care and respect our country,they just open the window and throw it out.
    Flytipping is even worse because the lazy sods can’t be
    Bothered to go to the tip..😤😡

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