Photography: What a Difference a Day Makes

It was November: the weather forecast wasn’t hopeful: but I was keen to get some snapping done while the sun shone. So I took a chance and put on my hiking shoes. Here is one of the pictures I took…

As it transpired, the weather forecast was premature: the bad weather arrived 24 hours later. Had I taken notice of it, and stayed at home, this is what I would have captured the following day…

Photography: it isn’t all about timing, but timing plays a major role in finding that neat shot. Grab that camera while you can!

4 thoughts on “Photography: What a Difference a Day Makes”

  1. That’s right. Even if the camera (say, a small compact) isn’t really up to the task of a long zoom shot, it’s better to try rather than miss the opportunity entirely. You never know how it will turn out.

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