Earplug News 24/7: Drones to the Corporate Rescue

Stating falling sales in their traditional outlets as the reason why Cafe Puke have adopted a high-tech approach to future operations, the company have begun delivering their infamously vile coffee via drone to their most high-profile customers. An unnamed Cafe Puke representative was heard to mutter: “What next: Magnuss  Earplug calling in for a croissant from the comfort of his palatial lavatory seat? Where will it all end?”



2 thoughts on “Earplug News 24/7: Drones to the Corporate Rescue”

  1. Always loved that little swimming pool and the little towels,it’s those small touches that make all the difference..👍

    1. Not sure where the towels are, but I found the pool again recently, so it could be pressed back into service. And thanks for noticing the attention to detail: I try to include some small detail in my shots; it seems to make it more ‘real’ for me.

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