Unsuited to the Task

I first bought a motorcycle so that I could go farther afield ( and more quickly) in my pursuit of nice photographs. My little Yamaha YBR125 was almost right, except that it took forever to get anywhere – especially against a headwind – and it hurt my bum with its thin saddle and limited suspension. But if ever there was a motorcycle unsuited to the task of carrying me along rural lanes and gravelly tracks, it’s the YBR’s replacement…

A back-lane behemoth. The Yamaha XJR1300 in its unnatural habitat. But flipping heck, isn’t it handsome! So who cares?

2 thoughts on “Unsuited to the Task”

    1. The leather jacket goes with the slippery blue helmet. The textiles and peaked helmet are used for slower going, or if it looks like it might rain. Prefer the leather, but the textile jacket has a lot more handy pockets.

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