PPP: Proton Product Placement

When Magnuss and Hair-Trigger want to explore the surface of cold, sub-zero, and thoroughly uninviting alien worlds, they inevitably choose a used Proton 1.5 Iswara in which to do it…

Only two-wheel-drive, but it’ll take you anywhere. Mine did. Brilliant in the snow. Conversely it was a very popular choice for taxi drivers in it’s  more tropical homeland, Malaysia. Pity Proton went broke – the Jumbuck was the prettiest pick-up ever built. I liked my 1.5 – even if the family hated it and didn’t like to be seen in it. After receiving more than it’s fair share of vandalism, the already vile styling looked even worse;  and when we moved into a more affluent area, the family were unamimous: the Proton had to go! Obviously Magnuss and Hair-Trigger bought it from the scrap dealer and carted it off across the Galaxy.

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