Spend Spend Spend…A Little Bit More.

I said – or at least I think I said – that I’d spent as much as I was going to spend on fripperies for my Yamaha. But as I rode along, recently, I found myself getting more and more annoyed with the need to crane my neck  and twist my arms out of the way, just to see what was behind me in the rear view mirrors. So, having perused the Internet, I settled on the cheapest set  available. I chose them because I didn’t think they were going to fit, work, or be any good at all, and I didn’t want to waste too much money proving it. I spent an almighty £15 with free post & packing. Gotta be shit – right? Well here they are…

Yep, they’re plastic. They wont take  a knock, so I’d best be careful with them. But wow, what a transformation. Its like having blinkers removed. The whole  quality of the ride has been increased by…ooh…lots of percent. In fact my last ride was so enjoyable, this happened…

New mirrors: the answer to my dreams.

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