Avoid Eye Contact!

When I’m out and about my home village and its environs, I tend to encounter rather a lot of other people – walking their dogs, taking the air, riding horses or bicycles, that sort of thing. I always greet them with a cheery ‘hello’ or pass the time of day with the chattier types. But (generally) young women shy clear of me. They prefer not to respond – often avoiding eye contact entirely. They tend to stare at the ground; mumble something meaningless, and hurry by as quickly as possible.  I am not entirely happy with this situation because I’m a jolly sort of chap who wouldn’t say boo to a goose. I am the epitome of ‘safe’. So, in an effort to understand their fears and revulsion, I took a picture of myself in my natural environment and tried to discern what it was that scared people. Here is the result. Tell me – does this look intimidating or dangerous?

I certainly don’t feel dangerous. 

4 thoughts on “Avoid Eye Contact!”

  1. You certainly don’t look intimidating or dangerous,well I hope not anyway.Some people are just more friendly then others.The only thing I would criticise is that yellow belt and I think your t-shirt would be better out than tucked in.
    Otherwise you look lovely,tooty..🥰

    1. Thank you. You’re right about the t-shirt, but the wind was blowingand it was a bit chilly. Nowt wrong with yellow belts. Regarding less friendly sorts: you never know what their back-story is. Maybe they’ve had a bad time with men or something. Still it’s always disappointing to be rebuffed.

  2. Ha, I’m the complete opposite of you, and actively avoid talking to people ― if there’s someone getting their mail at the communal mailbox across the street, I’ll even skulk around the front porch waiting for them to leave before I’ll go get ours!

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