Spend Spend Spend!

A continuation of Tooty’s return to the two-wheeled fold.

Oh, I don’t know; when I swapped my dinky little Yamaha 125 for its  brother on steroids, I promised myself that I wouldn’t add anything to it: that money would only be spent on essentials – like tax, insurance, oil, tyres, etc. But very quickly I added a new headlight and a fender extender. Now I’ve decided that, perhaps, a little luggage-carrying capacity would be nice. Nothing ostentatious, you understand. Just a neat little rack. But, flipping heck – are they expensive! So, having trawled through Ebay, I spent £42 on a used item. Another £8 for fittings from the local D.I.Y store, and there’s another £50 lost from the bank account. But it does look nice…

…and makes hauling the behemoth on to its centre stand easier for this sixty-five year-old idiot. 

But then there’s my very expensive (and exceedingly groovy) ‘adventure’ crash helmet…

Apart from the fact that its huge and heavy, that jutting mouthpiece gives my vast nose plenty of room to breath, and the beaky peak is excellent for shading my eyes from the sun. But at the speeds the 1300 is capable of, it’s like  wearing a brick. And that peak becomes an aerofoil. Not fun when you turn your head for motorway lane-changes. On a 125 it was fine. Behind the tall screen of an ‘adventure’ bike it is also probably fine. But not on a ‘muscle’ bike. So, for anything other than my rural photographic trips it has been replaced by…

…this rather fetching blue item that cuts through the air so much better. It’s more like the type of helmet I used to wear. No more hanging on for dear life, or rolling off the throttle because my neck muscles are going into spasm.  It’s like I’m forty years younger – and £60 poorer.

But when the world outside looks like this…

…you don’t want anything to detract from the ride. Happy days.

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