Tooty’s Pissed Off Again

I didn’t think it unreasonable of me to expect to add The Age of Stone to my list of free e-books on this blog’s sidebar. I mean, every other book is there: why not the latest? Well WordPress had other ideas. The ‘Classic’ posting system just wouldn’t  work. I mean, it wasn’t even there to try. And the new ‘Block’  system (which I loathe with an intensity usually reserved for recalcitrant ink jet printers and DVD players that can’t recognise that there is a DVD in the tray) just sat there and did nothing – for ten minutes – before I gave up; called it several names, none of which are printable here; cursed the designer of the ‘block’ system to perminent impotence, considered creating a voodoo doll; and decided on an alternative course of action. And this is the alternative course of action. All Earplug Adventures in PDF Format Unexpurgated & FREE! Yup, there’s a page beneath the header that now contains every Earplug Adventure file, which can be accessed by anyone and everyone absolutely free. And very nice they are too. Well worth a visit. Now, if WordPress would kindly allow me, I’d like to remove those free e-books from their fucking sidebar. But I’m not hopeful. Bunch of shits.


4 thoughts on “Tooty’s Pissed Off Again”

    1. Cripes, you know me so well! Also I wasn’t much enjoying it. All the difficult admin just didn’t equal the pleasure the blog gave – or should I say vice versa. I couldn’t really imput my personality either. It had to go the way of Mr Point’n’shoot I’m afraid. Gotta say, you’re very perceptive.

    1. Cripes, I’d forgotten that one. You have a great memory. I hate to think how many have come and gone through the years. This one has come close once or twice too: but I remember ditching a popular blog (on a different platform) years ago, which really pissed off my followers. They didn’t follow me here, and I’ve never been successful again. Book sales fell off a cliff and stayed that way. I’ve always regretted it. But sometimes despair threatens to take over, and it’s difficult to resist. It’s what killed off Tooty the Chef – though I was never going to top the Tooty The Chef in the Bath scene anyway.

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