Two-Wheeled Tooty: Confidence Regained

Once upon a time, five years before he was named Tooty (in 1981), a young country bumpkin was talked into switching from Honda motorcycles to Yamaha. Here he is posing  with his mighty steed – a Yamaha RD125DX…

He and the Yamaha gelled instantly and he would become a life-long fan of the brand. But life being life – that is unknowable and often incomprehensible – in time his situation changed, and motorcycling  became a thing of the past. Then, in 2020 (21 years after quitting bikes), he took the plunge and returned to the fold…

Of course his mount was a Yamaha. A YBR125 to be exact. But it wasn’t the best that ever escaped that manufacturers stable. It wasn’t Japanese for a start! But he didn’t know that when he bought it. And he never really forgave the machine, despite the fact that it was totally reliable and never let him down. But he never felt entirely confident upon it – especially in traffic. Poor suspension: lack lustre brakes: feeble single cylinder engine were its major bug-bears – though Tooty had hoots of fun rushing down gravel-strewn, muddy-as-heck, and cow shit-ridden back lanes on it. Look at the picture above: does that really say “Confident rider”? Nah. What he really needed was something that would give him back the two-wheeled exuberance of his long-lost youth. Something with a bit of oomph. Another Yamaha obviously. But one built in Japan.  Regardez vous por favor…

Ten months later. Yup, I’m back – and on a cult classic too! But I think I might pass on the gravel-strewn, muddy-as-heck, cow shit-ridden back lanes for now. Maybe an off-road bike for those. Might have to get some motocross boots though. Hmm, sounds fun…

6 thoughts on “Two-Wheeled Tooty: Confidence Regained”

  1. Look at the fashion in your first photo,those trousers!
    Love the last photo,you look great in a leather jacket it looks the part..Happy riding.😃

    1. At this point I’ve only owned this monster for a week and a half. I’m still getting used to the weight and excess power. I’ve also discovered why big bike riders often trail their legs when pulling away. Today I did my usual – that is pop my feet on the pegs, then let out the clutch – only for the cold engine to stall, which made the bike topple over and sent me rolling across the junction. Thankfully the bike has crash bungs on the engine, so no damage was done, and I was able to pick it up and ride away – as if nothing untoward had happened of course. From now on I’m keeping my feet down until the bike is moving.

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