Earplug Adventures: The Age of Stone (part 10)

“Right.” Susan responded instantly. “Got it.”

Then this happened…

…and Magnuss was pleased as punch. He loved it when a plan came together. And Chester liked the idea of being enveloped by Susan…

…by something other than her mouth or her bum.

“The way I see it,” she said as she looked down upon her silicon guests, “we have a problem so serious that the only means of combating the pseudo-God’s virus is by taking it from multi-vectors. The current situation is that as we fix one hole in our system, other viral incursions open another.”

She then waited for a response. She didn’t get one. Well actually she did: Rudi said: “You wah? Sorry, it’s all a bit beyond us.”

And Chester added: “We don’t do technical stuff: we’re all derring-do and heavily into impetuous risk-taking.”

“Ah,” Susan said to this, “then I guess I can’t rely on you guys to act as my peripherals. Right: Plan B.”

With that, this happened…

…which made the brothers huddle together in alarm.

“Flipping heck, Sue,” Miles yelped, “you might have given us some warning!”

Susan didn’t apologise for her action: she merely pointed out that although she was a multi-faceted shape-shifter, she couldn’t be everywhere at the same time. This gave Magnuss an idea: “Susan, earlier, before you re-integrated, you were spread right across the Age of Stone. Effectively you were everywhere at the same time. Although you were in hibernation mode, all those disparate parts continued to work as one. You may not remember it, but you were able to contact us all, wherever we were.”

Susan turned all of her eyes upon the middle Earplug Brother. Using the talents bequeathed to her by the technology from the future, she peered into his memories. “Ooh, those guys from Scroton look kind’a groovy.” She said in a wistful tone. “Hmm, maybe…”

Then, in the blink of an eye, she disassembled – to become something that simply astonished the on-lookers…

A platoon of Ethernet Cable End Military Operatives…

But then Susan, speaking through a multitude of Scrotonic voice boxes, said: “Trouble is we’re going to need to block access to out-going and in-coming connections with the power supply and controlling A.I – namely the Museum of Future Technology. I’m all about the Age of Stone: I don’t know squat about the M.O.F.T!”

For a moment all seemed lost, but then Valentine enjoyed a brief moment of revelation. He recalled a time when he witnessed a group of young T.W.I.T recruits asking one of the museum’s Robot Guides for assistance…

He even recalled the female’s name: it was Pixie Taylor.

“No probs, guys.” He said. “I’ll just send for a Robot Guide. They’re always on the case – just waitin’ to be summoned. Know what I mean?” Then, not wanting to waste time or ask for approval, he yelled: “Robot Guide!”

Two minutes later…

“Oh, I’m sorry I took so long,” the Robot Guide explained, “but I couldn’t locate the front door. Fortunately there was a freight elevator that someone had left unlocked – so here I am. Tah-dah! What would you like to see first?”

Susan explained her requirements…

“No problems,” the Robot Guide responded, “my memory banks were up-dated only half an hour ago: I’m fully cognizant with all the locations you mentioned. Do we want to go there as a group, or individually?”

Naturally Susan chose the latter…

Each component then stated its required destination.

“This is gonna be fun.” The Robot Guide gushed. “I aint never done nothing like this before. Jeepers, I’m just so excited. I can tell you are too – even if you all look the same and behave like passionless aliens from a distant world. Let’s go!”

With that the Robot Guide led the horde of fake Ethernet Cable Ends towards the nearest exit…

And, having passed through it, instructed several to peel off from the formation and follow different routes…

Then it was on to the next door…

…which continued, almost ad infinitum, until each facet of Susan was where they needed to be.

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2021

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