Photography: A Bit of Un-maligning to Do

Recently I blogged about my latest acquisition – this…

I wasn’t very complimentary – comparing it badly with a much older camera from Ricoh. Well despite some time with the Samsung I still can’t get it to shoot into the sun at all well; but for close-up stuff – such as Earplug Adventures photos, it had become my go-to camera. It is just excellent in difficult lighting situations. It seems to know exactly where I need it to focus: and the way it ignores the wavy effects created when I use a TV or computer monitor as a back-drop cannot be bettered by any camera in my collection…


And now I find that it can do this sort of thing – on a preposterously dull grey February afternoon…

And this, which I’m sure will come in very handy in a future Earplug Adventure story…

Plus a load of other stuff. So, all-in-all, it’s a thumbs-up for the WB30F: my new best friend.

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