The Race Against Time

When my last Earplug Adventure – ‘Distant Land’ – was published (17/10/2019), and the final extract of the serialised version appeared here (21/10/2019), it was a very different world I lived in – and I don’t mean free of Corona Virus. My wife had recently returned from hospital following a massive operation to free her of cancer. Any ideas of writing a follow up story were shelved in favour of nursing her back to health. Well, to cut a long story short, the procedure failed. The cancer was not defeated. An ordinary life became impossible, and by the time of Corona Virus lock-down in Britain I had to give up my work to care for her full-time. The prognosis was not good. All we could hope for was more time together. As a consequence I felt no desire to write silly stories about earplugs. But, as time passed, and I realised that it was quickly running out, I decided to attempt to complete the story while I still had the chance. I knew I would never write it otherwise. It has been, quite literally, a race against time.  Now (22.00 hrs 08/09/2020), as I lay in bed beside my fitfully slumbering and terminally ill wife, I can announce that I have just completed the 66th and final episode of A Tale of Three Museums. It may not be a great work, but I dedicate this story to her: she who named me Tooty and who has always supported my writing. I hope it’s my best Earplug Adventure. She will never get the opportunity to read it.

Thank you for reading my indulgence,


The extracts will continue to appear on a pre-scheduled basis until the story is complete.

5 thoughts on “The Race Against Time”

  1. What a moving post.My heart goes out to you and your family, you now need all your time to spend with your wife..I myself will read the rest of your Earplug adventure, and I got to say is very good..I am glad you completed it..Take care xx

  2. Very sorry to hear about your wife and that she will not get to read the story dedicated to her. But I am glad you found the inspiration to finish it before the clock ran out. Lulu sends lots of fluffy tail wags your way, and the Hipsters send purrs, and you know Dennis is making with the vizsla tail wags from somewhere beyond the Rainbow Bridge for you, too.

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