Product Placement – Again?

Well, obviously, no one took the slightest notice of my suggestion that they advertise on this blog. Well, I mean, why should they? It was only a joke, after all. But, more seriously, my readership has been steadily falling for yonks and yonks. I thought that, maybe, things would improve when Covid 19 placed everyone indoors and bored them stupid; but sadly I was wrong. My stats continue to disappoint. And now that WordPress seem to have it in their heads that I want the Premium Plan and are asking for real money from me, I’m considering walking away from good old HamsterBritain dot com. But before I do, I thought I might have some more fun with product placement. In this case it is a product that I actually use. And here it is…

When Magnuss Earplug and Hair-Trigger Provost find their energy reserves sapped by endless heroic acts – made in the preservation of the sanctity and liberty of The Museum of Future Technology…

…they whip out a tube of Berocca from inside their novelty sporrans; tear off the…er…tear-off bit , and up-end the contents upon their tongues. A short while later…

…they’re feeling perky as heck and ready to go kick some ass.

Berocca: makes you go-go-go when you feel totally shit! 

2 thoughts on “Product Placement – Again?”

  1. When I come on to visit your blog there’s nothing better then Magnuss and Hair-trigger to put a smile on your face,and you still have to do your next Earplug adventure ‘the three museums”..please don’t give up I would miss you and your lovely posts…Hope you are ok.x x😢😥

    1. Thank you – that’s very kind of you. I’m farting about the periphery of the tale right now. I just can’t seem to knuckle down and start proper work on it. But I’ve bought myself a huge jotter pad (and yet another camera) so I have no real excuses.

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