A Tastier Taster and a Promising Promise

Do you remember these guys?

No? They appeared in an Earplug Wallpaper. Hair vs Hat, I think it was called. Well, they weren’t a one-off. They – Flaxwell Maltings and Dr Gideon Snoot – are going to (finally, at last) appear in an Earplug Adventure. And in a very important role too. In fact they are going to tell the tale of A Tale of Three Museums – using a very nice little scout ship that enjoys the moniker of the Scroton Five…

…to search for The Porthole of Everywhere…

…which will display The Museum of Future Technology…

…in two timelines and two distant spacial locations – making three museums in total. Gosh! Imagine! How will I ever manage to keep all of these disparate threads coherent within my aging (and not always rational) brain? With difficulty, that’s how.

Well hopefully I’ve whetted the appetites of any Earpluggers reading this. Also hopefully, I’ll get the time and opportunity to shoot the pictures and write the script required to produce the story. At the time of writing this, the vagaries of life are creating barriers to the completion of my literary and photographic plans: but, fear not, I shall persevere. You will see another Earplug Adventure. I just don’t know when.



4 thoughts on “A Tastier Taster and a Promising Promise

    • Thank you. If I have a talent, I guess it’s for making up silly but (hopefully) believable names. Sometimes I think I use them to compensate for lack of genuine wit. But, whatever, it’s good fun. And I have a huge list of them for future use!

      • Sorry, I’ve only just seen this reply. Let’s not forget your talented and imaginative photography skills! I love the way you transform everyday objects into props.

        If I’m ever stuck for character names, though, I might just come knockin!

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