Photography: Morning or Evening Light: Which is Best?

Generally speaking I like to take most of my snaps in the early morning – when few people are up and about; and, if I’m caught short, I can placate my enlarged prostate by taking a leak in the bushes unseen. But recently my relatively orderly life has been turned topsy-turvy by circumstances beyond my control, which have forced me to alter the timing of my jaunts around the local countryside. In short, mornings are out; evening in are in. So now, instead of the white light of late dawn, I’m getting used to the warmer hues of early dusk. But which is better? To find out, let’s take a dekko at a couple of my aforementioned photos. Here is very nice morning shot…

And, of course, here is a piccie of the opposite end of the day…

But, it occurred to me, perhaps those aren’t fair comparisons. They were taken at different times of the year after all. Surely two pictures of the same thing, taken several hours apart, would create a better comparison. So I went to the bottom of my garden and shot this Clematis in the morning, around breakfast time…

I then waited until after dinner to take this…

So which is better? Frankly, who cares? They’re both bloody gorgeous!  In any case, Britain is usually dull, grey and cloudy; so it doesn’t really matter, does it?

4 thoughts on “Photography: Morning or Evening Light: Which is Best?

  1. What ever shots you take they will always be wonderful, morning or evening.But I got to say I do love the morning shot of the bridge with the morning sun peering under it, lovely..As for Clematis,well,it’s always bloody gorgeous rain all shine..

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