Junior Earplug Adventures: Distant Land (part 3)

Placebo must have harboured similar thoughts, because…

…he said: “Of course it might only be coincidence that this poster appeared on the way to our destination: but I can’t help thinking that it’s here to bolster our sense of loyalty to such a generous museum.”

Folie didn’t respond immediately: instead he continued past the hoarding and mounted another ‘Up’ ramp…

…where, simultaneously, doubt entered both youngsters’ mind.

“Ooh-er.” Folie said intellectually. “Has doubt finally entered your young mind too, Placebo?” He enquired.

“It has, Folie.” The tall, crimson-eyed polystyrene blob replied. “But I’m not backing out now: this is the opportunity of a life time. Let’s go!”

So, several seconds later, they found themselves at the passenger airlock of the Chi-Z-Sox and were confronted by two burly guards – one biological; the other a silver android..

“Who the heck are you?” The biological earplug demanded.

“You ugly sods.” The android added – rather unnecessarily, or so thought Folie.

“Placebo Bison.” Placebo replied calmly – un-phased by the guards’ apparent belligerence. “And this is my colleague, Folie Krimp.”

A smile spread across the earplug guard’s face. “Yeah, we knew that.” He said…

…”We were just fooling about. Travelling about in space does that to you. By the way – welcome aboard.”

“Follow us.” The android instructed.

Soon, Folie and Placebo…

…had gained the dizzy heights of Deck Six.

“Wow,” Folie whispered to Placebo…

…”Look – a green glow on Deck Six: it can mean only one thing.”

“Oh, by the Saint of All Earplugs.” Placebo squealed. “We’re actually standing on the bridge. The bridge of Wetworld’s sole star ship. I’m so excited, I could vomit!”

“Hello, boys.” the designer and captain of the Chi-Z-Sox, Professor Hideous Gout, said. “Hope you don’t mind being filmed by Rupert Piles and his huge TV camera…

…This is excellent PR for the museum, you know.”

“Not at all.” The rapidly-calming Placebo answered the rhetorical question. “Just as long as he doesn’t follow us into the toilet.”

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2019


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