Junior Earplug Adventures: Distant Land (part 2)

Under normal circumstances, Major Flaccid’s subordinates would have leapt into instant action. But on this particular occasion those manning the control room of the T.W.I.T HQ, Swottan Hetty, were trying out the latest office chairs from the future and  were engaged in animated conversation about them…

Which meant that the good Major was forced to pass on the vile coffee and answer the call himself.

“What?” He roared angrily at his consequent summons to the Great Hall. “Can’t a RoboSecGua accompany your stupid guests to the Great Hall?” But then he remembered that the museum’s robotic security guards were having a brain overhaul…

…and so grumbled: “Very well, I shall accede to your demand.”

But when the Major arrived, he was alone…

“Sorry.” He explained to the waiting curators. “But my lads are busy testing some new office equipment…

…It’s a priority assignment: they’ll be along momentarily.”

And, much to everyone’s surprise, it really was only a few moments before they arrived…

…with Placebo Bison and Folie Krimp in tow.

Naturally the two young new-comers to the museum smiled sweetly, if uncertainly…

But when they learned of the special offer available to them…

…Placebo’s smile became knowing – almost as if he had anticipated something like it. And Folie was so surprised that he squeaked.

“That’s right.” Cushions Smethwyke assured them through her vast portcullis of gnashers. “You are going to go somewhere that no non-paying guest of the Museum of Future Technology has gone before: you are going into outer space!”

“Jeepers, that sounds fun.” And exuberant Folie yelped. “When do we leave?”

“Oh-Twenty-Seven hours.” Montagu informed him. “Now might I suggest that you take the intervening time to get to know each other.”

“After all,” Sir Dodger Muir added kindly, “from now one you’ll probably be spending a lot of time together. As we all know, space is huge; but space ships less so.”

So it was a slightly bedazzled pair of visitors that departed the Great Hall and began ascending an Up ramp…

“Tell you what, Folie.” Placebo said to his new yellow chum, “we should take one last look at this place. From the highest vantage point preferably. You never know, we might suffocate in the vacuum of space and never see it again.”

Although the highest vantage point was almost two kilometres above sea level, the futuristic elevator soon had them staring out at wondrous vistas…

“Cor, would ya look at that.” Placebo gasped. “The whole museum laid out before us. I guess we’ll never see anything in space that can compare to this.”

Folie decided to keep his own council. Although he appreciated the view, he couldn’t help wondering why he and Placebo were being treated so especially. This feeling was exacerbated when they came upon a huge cardboard cut-out…

Of course it hadn’t occurred to him that they were being effectively drafted.

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2019

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