Earplug Adventures Wallpaper 63: Defensive Capability

Not very earpluggy, I know; but there are earplugs inside that mighty space craft. Honest!

Their names are Richter and Beaufort Skail…


Amaze Yourself on Amazon!

Mister Nolan is pleased to announce that these e-books…

…now appear on the Amazon Kindle site. You are herewith invited to visit and peruse them at your leisure.

Look: Nook: Fook!

Were you to visit the Barnes & Noble site, from which you can purchase e-books for your wonderful Nook device, you would discover that these books now appear there…

So what the hell are you waiting for!

Remember the Earplugs!

I say that because it’s been an awfully long time since I completed the last tale; and a new one seems quite a ways off yet. Due to circumstances beyond my control, photography on the aforementioned ceased shortly after commencing, yonks ago. But yesterday the hint of a re-invigouration (if there’s such a word) occurred. I took a few minutes out of my busy day to create this…

Yes, it’s another flying machine; and what’s more, two new characters will pilot it in the next story. Their names are Richter and Beaufort Skail – and they will be central to the story. Can’t say too much about the plot, except to hint powerfully that found-footage and global cataclysm go hand-in-glove. Can’t wait to start snapping the pictures…eventually.


Re-Blog: Preparing to Dash Through a Forest of Triffids

I first posted this a handful of years past. Having discovered it among the older files, here it is again…

Thank you, John Wyndham, for the inspiration.


Had I not read the works of the aforementioned, I would never have written Silent Apocalypse.

Annotation: Strange that, at the time, I didn’t add the cover photo. Not feeling particularly mercenary, I guess. Maybe I’d sold a couple of copies that week. Well I don’t have that luxury now: let’s put that right!

And just for good measure…the sequel!