Photography: Sometimes It Really Doesn’t Matter Which Camera You Choose

I like cameras. I like cameras so much that I have more than fifty of the little bleeders. And the problem with owning so many is, which one (or five) do I choose to take on my snapping trips. It’s a problem. Or is it? Because sometimes a scene is so nice and simple, and the lighting so right, that it really doesn’t matter which one I choose to capture it. Here is a case in point. Yup, it’s another of my damned camera comparison posts. Well sort of.

Because I was visiting a river location, I’d decided to take along my sole underwater camera – a simple Aquapix W1024-Y. Here is it’s ( surprisingly huge) 6.12 megabyte effort…

I suppose, for a camera that works better submerged, this open air shot isn’t bad. It certainly compares favourably with this 5.97 megabyte shot from an Olympus D720…

Moving on down the megapixel league, sample this 4.31 megabyte picture from a Sony S2100…

Or this Pentax E40’s 3.77 megabyte shot…

And, finally, compare the first picture with this (supposedly) paltry 1.21 MB excuse produced by a Kodak C533…

Any significant difference? If there is, I’m buggered if I could see much. Certainly not enough to make camera selection that important. So, on this evidence, from now on I’m going to chuck all my cameras in a bucket and select them purely at random. In future all I will need to check is that the chosen one (or five) contains a memory card and a charged battery. You’d be surprised at how many times I’ve failed to do that!


4 thoughts on “Photography: Sometimes It Really Doesn’t Matter Which Camera You Choose”

  1. I’ve often wondered if there is any real difference between cameras in a similar quality and/or price range. You’ve answered that question for me!

    Great post. And beautiful pics!

      1. That is the beauty of photography. One of the greatest rewards it brings us is having us look at things with a “photographer’s eye”, causing us to appreciate it more than we would ordinarily. Plus, as you said, photography often takes us places we wouldn’t ordinarily go.

        1. One down-side of the Photographer’s Eye is that it sometimes distracts. There are times when I really need to be paying attention to something, but then the P.E cuts in and I’m off in flights of fancy. Still, it’s a nice problem to have.

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