Apple Product Users Rejoice…

…because the two volumes of The Time Tamperer are available at the iTunes iBookstore via right now! So now you can emulate my spouse and download them for your iPad and other Apple® stuff straight away. Imagine how envious friends and colleagues will be when they see these covers shining brightly from your LED screen…

And how knicker-wettingly excited they’ll become when they look over your shoulder and see wondrous sights such as these…

Not to mention all of my witty prose.

Hmmm, think I’d better get myself an iPhone: I’d hate to miss out on the fun!

2 thoughts on “Apple Product Users Rejoice…

  1. Congratulations on your latest E-book Earplug adventure.I actually don’t own a apple product…oh,it’s nice to see you still got your sence of humour.😂

    • A week in Spain cheered me up. It usually does. Thank you. Shame about the Apple product – or lack thereof. I don’t have one either – except the old Mini Mac in the attic – er, I mean ‘studio’.

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