The Time Tamperer (part 58)

So it was with broad smiles rapidly spreading across their faces that the heroes of the Museum of Future Technology walked away from the public telephone…

…thus allowing others to use it…

“Well where do we go from here, Maggy?” Hair-Trigger inquired. “Tanganika Chunks may be ready to anchor herself to domesticity and a pleasant husband; but I’m not. Not yet anyway. I want action.”

“Fret not, Hairy.” Magnuss replied through an almost fixed smile. “I feel the same way. And I’m not prepared to wait until some whizz-kid in the future comes up with an alternative to the Nevertron. I say…

…geniuses are born into every era…

It’s up to us to find one here and get him, her, or it, to fix up the Nevertron for us. I intend to see my brothers and the Museum of Future Technology again – before I’m old and grey!”

And in that future time the three spies from the Museum of Abrasive Materials had discovered the Inter-Galactic Communications exhibit, where they were able to speak with the vacuum-breathing blobs of Weird Space…

“Hello.” One of the Blobs said, when it finally noticed the spies presence. “You’re from out-of-town, I can tell. If you don’t mind me saying – you looked a little disconcerted. Stunned even. Yes, the Museum of Future Technology tends to do that. In fact I sometimes wonder why other museums even bother trying to compete with it. Well have a nice day – whatever that is. We don’t have days, or nights, in Weird Space. Or toilets either. Or itchy bums, when I come to think about it.”

At that the spies turned away…

“Where are you going, Caleb?” Brengun Rooney asked his colleague.

“Back to work.” Caleb Rotter replied. “Where I intend to hand in my notice. That bug-eyed monster is right: there’s no competing with the Museum of Future Technology: it’s the best museum that’s ever been.”

“Yeah.” A morose Wigo Rong replied. “Or will ever be.”

The End (for now)

Paul Trevor Nolan 2018


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