The Time Tamperer (part 54)

Whilst Mincey was in the act of blowing a gasket, Tanganika had maneuvered the Defence Fighter into an attack position and began her dive…

Then she attempted the hitherto impossible: she unhinged the cupola…

Naturally Magnuss became aware of this and sent the museum to Crimson Alert…

“This is your last chance, Mincey.” Hair-Trigger screeched above the noise of the claxon.

“Make Sir Dodger proud.” Magnuss bellowed. “Regain your wits and do the right thing. Surrender before oblivion descends upon you and you besmirch the family name!”

“Knickers.” Mincey yelled back. “The Muirs are a bunch of has-beens. In any case, my castle is invulnerable!”

“Maybe.” Magnuss seemed to concur. “But what about the compression wave that follows the impact and explosion? That will knock you on your ass, good and proper!”

Relatively high above, in a ventilator shaft, Tanganika prepared to bail out of her doomed craft…

Gulping several times she quickly prayed to the Saint of All Earplugs, despite the fact that she didn’t believe in him. And not a moment too soon, because shortly after casting her body to fate and leaping clear, the fighter did this…


© Paul Trevor Nolan 2018



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