The Time Tamperer (part 52)

To take their troubled minds off any thoughts of temporal destruction, Magnuss and Hair-Trigger tried looking elsewhere for help. But the sight of the brainwashed inhabitants…

…and their blank, dingbat expressions…

…made them quickly realise that they were wasting their time. So they sought out the exiled inhabitants. But all they were doing was…

…panicking and running around like headless chickens.

“By the Saint of All Earplugs…”

…Magnuss wailed. “It’s up to us alone to save eternity!”

Meanwhile, her megalomania now in full control of her higher functions, having received zero positive responses to her transmission; and feeling somewhat aggrieved at being ignored by (what she expected to be) her adoring subjects, Mincey made her way to the Nevertron…

Quickly scanning the user’s manual she approached the control panel…

…and flicked the main switch to ‘Active’…

“Come on, Guys.” She yelled at Rupert Piles’ camera, moments later. “Suck up to me. Tell me how great I am. Treat me in the way I should be treated. I control all of time. With the Nevertron I can make it like you never existed. Any of you. Or all of you!”

Suddenly the watching Magnuss felt awfully sick…

“This is gonna need some drastic action, Hairy.” He said over his shoulder. “We’re going to need a space pilot. Luckily I know exactly where to find one.”

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2018


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