The Time Tamperer (part 50)

As Piggies breathed his last, far away, in the Chi-Z-Sox starship exhibit to be exact, an exhausted Tanganika Chunks dropped into the Captain’s chair and took the weight off her tired feet…

Being a space pilot she felt quite at home on the fake bridge. “Fire the atomic cannons.” She yelled in jest. “On my mark, give me maximum velocity, full defensive shields, and a comfy cushion or two: this seat is as hard as a plank!”

Of course this playfulness didn’t go unnoticed…

“That’s Tanganika Chunks!” Magnuss exclaimed.

“But she was blown up by that Space Pirate vessel that disappeared into hyperspace after it did it’s dirty work.” Hair-Trigger added – possibly unnecessarily.

Magnuss, being Magnuss, quickly made sense of the situation: “Ugh, I guess it must have been that experimental drive system in her saucer.” He said – speaking slowly as his thoughts coalesced. “It probably reacted to the sudden energy surge as the vessel exploded, and hurled the pilot’s escape pod backwards through time.”

“Of course.” Hair-Trigger said calmly. “It makes perfect sense. The Chi-Z-Sox model is almost next door: let’s go get her.”

So, a few minutes later…

…Tanganika was still issuing commands to her non-existent crew, when the dashing duo crept in unseen. They then shuffled silently towards the slightly addled female…

…and made her jump out of her skin – at least metaphorically.

“I don’t believe it.” She squealed when she’d recovered. “The Museum of Future Technology’s most celebrated hero and his wondrous girlfriend, Hair-Trigger whats-her-name!”

This last line amused Horatio: normally such an unintended slur would have earned the perpetrator a karate chop to the kidneys from Hair-Trigger; but clearly his beloved was too pleased to find someone from her own era, to allow herself the luxury of anger. Today, it seemed, she did not want to live up to her name.

“Nice to meet you too.” She replied to the space pilot. “You ugly sod.”

“How would you like to join our little troupe, Tanganika?” Magnuss inquired. “The situation could be grave. In fact I’m sure it is. But if we’re to put things right and return to our native place in time, we have no choice but to face adversity with a grimace, some quick wits, and, if possible, a mailed fist.”

“Great.” Tanganika replied. “I’ve always wanted to be a real hero: now’s my chance.”

But if she’d known that her future adversary had now taken control of Piggies DuPong’s apartment and was now staring out of his toilet window, whilst plotting her next move…  

…she might have harboured a few doubts.

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2018


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