The Time Tamperer (part 40)

For several seconds Piggies continued to stare at the image of Magnuss and Hair-Trigger in the hope that his brain would eventually recall some information about it. But it was from another source that he discovered both figure’s identity…

…as Heathrow arrived with a relieved Mincey aboard.

“Why hello.” Mincey said as Piggies turned to greet the unexpected intrusion, “I see you’re a fan of Magnuss Earplug and his daring girlfriend, Hair-Trigger Provost. I’m Mincey Muir, by the way, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to meet you: I’ve been dragged to this era on the back of this nauseating plugmutt. For a while there I thought this place was deserted.”

Piggies was a tad stunned by Mincey’s appearance; partly because he thought he’d successfully sealed his private era from the rest of time by cleverly sabotaging the Tunnel Temporal several years earlier, before supposedly inventing the faulty Tubo Di Tempo, which he’d designed to fail miserably on cue, in the future. He also recognised the actress from a TV farce she’d made in her early career, entitled ‘I’m Sorry, I’ve Dropped My Guts‘, and thought that she was quite the prettiest female earplug that he’d ever clapped his eyes upon. “Oh.” He replied. “That’s nice. I’m Piggies Du Pong: I think the Cafe Puke’s coffee machine still works: how’d you fancy a ghastly mug of coffee and a soggy biscuit?”

Well, at that precise moment, with her nerves frayed to within microns of tolerance, Mincey was game for anything. “Lead on.” She replied. “I hope they have sweeteners there; I’m watching my figure you know.”

And so the abducted earplug followed the temporal genius and megalomaniac as he rode his hover scooter away…

Meanwhile, far away in both time and space, the subjects of the populist poster were relaxing in the swimming pool of Magnuss’ auntie’s holiday home…

“It’s really nice and all that, Magnuss,” Hair-Trigger said hesitantly as their lounger bobbed up and down on the night-cooled water, “but after a few days doing sod-all, I’m feeling, you know, a bit stir-crazy. Do you think we might have another adventure together? It’s been quite a while since the last one. I’m afraid we might lose our touch.”

Magnuss had been feeling much the same way. “I don’t suppose Auntie Doris would mind if we took our leave.” He replied. “Quick; get paddling, Hairy.”

So, moments later…

…they were on their way back to the Museum of Future Technology, where…

…Cushions soon brought them up to speed concerning recent events.

“Oh, crikey.” Magnuss said when Cushions completed her oratory. “It looks like we arrived in the nick of…er…time. Well fear not, we’re on the case. We’ll have things sorted in a jiffy. Or my name isn’t Magnuss Magnificent Earplug!”

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2018

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