The Time Tamperer (part 39)

By the time that Tanganika had reached the nearest Transfer Conduit Station, dawn had broken and she was able to follow a pair station workers inside…

But as the pink and mauve duo made their way to their workplace, Tanganika proceeded alone along the imposing foyer…

…where she was horrified to discover that the lavatories remained locked. So, keeping her knees pressed together, she took the shortest route possible to the Travel Pods…

…where she was surprised to find the same two earplugs that she’d followed into the building earlier.

“Hello, aren’t you the early bird!” The pink station worker said with a welcoming smile.

“I suppose I am.” Tanganika replied. “Actually I’ve been up all night, walking here. Please tell me that you can transport me to the Museum of Future Technology directly from here.”

“Would you care for an orange travel pod?” The equally smiley mauve station worker said by way of an affirmative answer. “Or perhaps a slightly more expensive yellow pod?”

Naturally Tanganika enquired after the price disparity.

“The yellow pod,” the intuitive mauve station worker said knowingly, “stops off at half-way station…with toilet facilities.”

So, equally naturally, the crossed-legged Tanganika chose the more expensive option…

…and within moments of handing over the requisite number of Pluggentos, the daring space pilot was on her way…

…to an appointment with destiny.

At that precise moment an element of the aforementioned destiny was riding his hover scooter through the multitude of passageways, thoroughfares, and corridors of the Museum of Future Technology…

And he was enjoying it immensely – safe in the knowledge that the few remaining brain-washed inhabitants of the Museum of Future Technology were obeying his instruction to be somewhere else while he raced around like he owned the place, which, of course, he did. But then he hovered into range of a huge wall poster that caught his attention…

Stopping the scooter, he stepped off the futuristic machine and took a long look at the image of two figures that towered above him…

“Who the heck are they?” He grumbled. “Non-entities, obviously. But I’d better find out who they are just in case: my ignorance could impact upon the success of my amazing plan to rule the Museum in every era – from the dawn of time at the Big Bang, to the moment when the universe winks out of existence in the Big Crunch; not just this one.”

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2018


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