The Time Tamperer (part 34)

Naturally this intrigued the two Twit agents…

“Go on.” Neville urged the zombies. “What’s so special that you need to share it with us?”

Equally naturally Clux and Grimnax were pleased that Pixie and Neville were willing to hear their unlikely tale. “It’s about the museum visitors who came here this morning.” Clux began.

“They’ve gone missing.” Neville interrupted.

“We’ve come to find them.” Pixie added.

“Is that right?” Grimnax responded in a surprisingly lively manner that closely resembled the behaviour of a living, breathing life-form. “Wow, did we get lucky, or what!”

“Yeah, well anyway,” Clux continued, “We were among that number. To cut a long story short; a guy, who calls himself Piggies Du Pong, invented the Tubo Di Tempo – to coax people from the future to visit this era. Why, we don’t know; he didn’t say.”

“Whoa, wait a minute.” Pixie interrupted. “You met this guy?”

If Clux could have managed a sigh he would have. “Yes, of course we did.”

“When he abducted the museum visitors.” Grimnax explained. “He told us all about it.”

“What did he tell you?” Neville inquired.

“What we just told you, Stupid.” Clux retorted.

 Pixie chose to ignore Clux’s emotional outburst and duly asked: “So why did he let you go?”

“Because, officially at least, we’re not living beings. We’re semi-dead. We’re no good to him.” Grimnax replied.”Of course we were extraordinarily angry at his casual dismissal of us…

“So, not to hurt our feelings, he tested us for signs of life inside some strange contraptions…

“We didn’t do well.” Clux said, even more sadly than normal…

“He decided that he didn’t need us.” Grimnax continued. “We’re harmless, supposedly; so he let us go. Ordinarily we wouldn’t give a damn about the vacuous abducted visitors; but although we’re really depressed voluntary zombies – we don’t want to find ourselves trapped in the past. We need the others to get us back to our own era. The time machine, if it works at all, doesn’t work for the undead.”

“Why does Du Pong need living beings?” Neville asked.

Clux shrugged, which was dangerous because one of his soporific sores nearly erupted and a moldering limb tried to detach itself. “Don’t know.” He answered. “But he did boast about how he had the nighttime security forces lead the entire population off in the direction of the virtually endless Obsidian Plain…


…So, are you guys going to rescue the visitors?”

“Too right.” Pixie replied. “It’s the reason we’re here. Take us to where you last saw them: we’ll figure something out from there.”

So, moments later…

…the foursome set forth – where they soon encountered…

…Jeremy and Chickweed, who quickly learnt the truth of their current situation…

…and doubted the wisdom of Pixie’s decision, but were too scared to say so.

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2018



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