With a Little Help From My Chums

Every so often someone (who knows that I write the Junior Earplug Adventures) will have a creative moment of their own and, in doing so, will see the fantasy/comedy potential in an object that they may have stumbled upon. Amazingly they will then present me with their discovery. I have yet to turn one down. The fact that they have gone to such trouble means that I will always include their idea in a subsequent Earplug Adventure. And sometimes they’re darned good ideas too. Anyone recall the brass Time Machine and its operators?


That wasn’t my creation: that was an Earplugger’s work. And now – inspired by the stage show aboard the K T Woo (in whichever book it appeared)…

…comes a daïs, a microphone, and a singer/orator…

To think that two grown, married men in their fifties, got together to create this, pleases me no end. It’s ridiculous, really; but it’s also fun. Everyone should be so silly. The world would be a better place.




2 thoughts on “With a Little Help From My Chums

  1. I totally agree, life is to short , you got to have fun and be as silly as one can…that’s why I enjoy your Earplug Adventures…Love the microphone. .clever.

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